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Celebrating Cultural Diversity

How relevant are our mother-tongue (indigenous languages)?

In the year 2022, how relevant are our mother tongue (indigenous languages)? My personal view is that, it is important for one to celebrate their heritage. How can we say we celebrate our heritage around the world if we don't care about our customs, traditions and mother tongue - and even letting them die?


What is our excuse?

Most of the world, in 2022, are no longer under colonialism or its rule. I notice people are suddenly doing their DNA tests, they're trying to find out who they are and their ancestral lineage. At the moment, it has become a pressing matter, throughout all ethnic spectrums.


What are festive Seasons truly for?

The holidays and festive season are upon us, the majority have just celebrated thanksgiving and soon we shall have Christmas. My opinion is that, especially these holidays, are for family time. The coming together of families. Some travel far and wide to be with their loved ones during these occasions, uncles, aunts, grandma, grandpa and the joy of people freely expressing themselves and hearing their mother tongue. These occasions are not really so much about food, but about the joy of life and family.


In conclusion;

So why would people not make an effort to speak, read and write their mother tongue? How busy are we?

Let's have a conversation. What are your thoughts and opinions?


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Beautiful and thought provoking post. Looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts on this topic. More voices are needed.


Having grown up in a IsiXhosa speaking family of semi-literate
parents and unschooled grandparents, nothing made more sense
than their gift of language to us: speaking, reading, singing, praise songs and poetry in mother tongue!
Even in my interactions with so many other languages over the years, my IsiXhosa roots were a strong anchor, paving the way for embracing, not just the words, but the cultural links thereto!
So, yes, Nubian Princess series were one major project I loved: coordinating the translation of Fanta’s books into 8 South African languages was a healing of great dimensions for me! Language is timeless, takes you to different parts of your own self! Speak, sing, dance and dream Mother Tongue, then feel free to act global!!!

Mandisa Kalako

Mother-tongue or indigenous languages are very relevant because they are closely tied to our histories, traditions, and identities of the communities that speak them and can provide important insights into their ways of life, beliefs, and values. They also have linguistic value and can help us understand the diversity and complexity of human language. However, many indigenous languages are at risk of extinction due to marginalization and a lack of recognition of their value. It is important to preserve and revitalize these languages through language documentation, education, and revitalization programs. Your Princess series book project is an important contribution in this regard Fanta. Thank you for it.


Thank you very much for this amazing Book. It ‘s crucial for us to go back to our culture, this IS also my fight.
We’re tending to lose our values if we don’t pay attention we’ll become like dinosaurs.

Fredy Armel

How profound. Going back to our roots well help our children, Grand-children and great.. great..great… Grandchildren to know who we and they are. Thank you my friend Fanthuza for writing this amazing book. ✊💪💪

Mamorao Khaebana

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