My Inspiration

Inside every girl is a princess. The Nubian Princess is a series of stories from different cultures and backgrounds. At the heart of each story is an African and Pan African princess. The books are set in Africa with African children’s characters. We hope the books will serve to inspire and instil pride in the young and old women about being black and of African heritage.

Each story is a window to the culture of each princess revealing its customs and traditions. While serving an educational purpose about the various cultures, the stories carry every girl into an African fairy tale. Whilst not critical of children’s books set in the west, the author is hoping that her books will inspire young African and pan-African children to love themselves, their countries, and their traditions, while still embracing the multi-facet world that has become a global village.

“By writing this Princess Series, I am striving to encourage all black children no matter their backgrounds, continent, or skin colour to know that they are princesses and queens.” Our hearts beat to the sound and rhythm of the motherland!