About the Author


Ms. Fanta Jabbie is a spiritual cosmopolitan woman, and mother of a daughter, who has travelled extensively around the world. She has also worked and lived in numerous countries across Europe and the African continent.

Born into a large and loving family, Ms. Jabbie was raised in Lesotho, Freetown in Sierra Leone, and Conakry in Guinea.

She has had many mentors in her life, from her late mother, Mary Jabbie, who built a successful business empire from nothing to the late singer and icon Miriam Makeba, whom she had the privilege of spending several years with.  Both these strong women instilled in her great respect and love of all nations but more than that, the love of Africa, its people, and its culture.

They also taught her to love and be proud of who she was.

Ms. Jabbie writes today because her daughter and nieces love reading all types of books. She found that black children’s books were non-existent, especially in a world influenced by Disney and Mattel. As a result, Ms. Jabbie’s books are translated into African languages. Her books are also written in Brail for the blind and will later, be on DVDs to accommodate the deaf.

In Ms. Jabbie’s own words, "I write books to inspire young people of Africa to love themselves, their cultures and traditions in the multicultural, multi-faceted global village. I aim to encourage people to remember who they are." Ms. Jabbie’s philosophy is that Africans are proud people with a great and long history. Great kingdoms and kings have emerged from the African continent and her books bring honour back to the African people.