Press Release

At last Barbie, you have competition from Africa

For the first time ever, children’s books targeted at African children, using African characters, set in Africa will be launched at the London Book Fair taking place on 19th to the 22nd April 2010.

The books, to be launched under the Nubian Princess Literary Series, are the brainchild of Fanta Jabbie, a South African author who is making a presence at the Book Fair for the first time.

Fanta, who has a daughter aged 9 years, says she was inspired to write the books because she could not find books for her daughter set in Africa with African children characters which could serve to inspire and instil pride in her daughter about being African.

Whilst not critical of children’s books set in the west, she is hoping that her books will inspire young African children to love themselves, their countries and their traditions, while still embracing the multi-facet world that has become a global village. “By writing this Princess Series, I am striving to encourage all African children no matter their backgrounds, to know that they are princesses.”

The collection is made up of 11 books, five of which are being launched at the London Book Fair. These are: Sotho Princess, Pedi Princess, Swati Princess, Xhosa Princess and Zulu Princess. South Africa is a country of many cultures and languages, and the Princesses reflect the different cultures in South Africa.

The remaining books namely: Tswana, Venda, Tsonga and Ndebele Princesses are being launched within the next two months. Although these are set in South Africa, the series is being expanded to include princesses from other African countries. For example, the Mandingo Princess from the famous Mandingo tribe in West Africa and the Yourouba Princess from Nigeria.