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Fanta Joalane E. Jabbie

A Tale of a Ndbele Princess

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A 'Tale of a Ndebele Princess' tells of the power of love emerging from shared, common goals in human interest issues and nature conservation featuring brave, youthful game ranger Lizwelicha, and Princess Thembelani of the proud Ndebele people, who thrived under the royal gaze of King Myayelwa, in a peaceful traditional enclave of Mpumalanga in South Africa’s eastern parts.

Their affair blossoms after the smitten couple had teamed up with other nature lovers to lure and apprehend an evil gang of poachers, who decimate South Africa’s wildlife pride, and sell Elephant tusks and Rhino horns to unscrupulous buyers in Asia. This story raise young people’s awareness, interest, understanding and appreciation in our unique wildlife heritage.