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Fanta Joalane E. Jabbie

A Tale of a Swati Princess

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A ‘Tale of a Swati  Princess’ tells the story of Princess Kitila who’s father farms in the heart of the Makhonjwa  mountains of Mpumqalang . Growing up on a farm instils in her a love of the land and she aspires to study agriculture.

King Mkhulunkosi, a staunch traditionalist in his ‘ilihhiya’ cloth, ‘emajobo’ loin skin and ‘ligwalagwala’ red feathers in his hair, has difficulty coping with his daughter’s ideas.

Although marriage is not part of her plans, she find s herself in the arms of her enemy, the charming Mr Nkosi, a prince himself from the ‘Ndlovukati’ or She-Elephant clan. ‘Is love truly akin to hate?’ she wonders?