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Fanta Joalane E. Jabbie

A Tale of a Tsonga Princess

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A "Tale of A Tsonga Princess" tells of the strength of repentance in breaking down the wall dividing love and hate and separating happiness and sadness. Magezi, the son of a disgruntled woman who is an outcast that has borne a king a son, yet the son is not welcome to King Shigalo’s household because the child is officially unknown.

Bitter and plotting the King’s misery, not discounting his downfall, the outcast mum poison’s her son’s mind about royalty, fanning his loathing about anything to do with kings, queens, princes and princesses. A conspiracy between a hateful mum and son results in witchcraft featuring a snake swallowing an innocent princess, a young man who realizes that evil is a folly and futile when one has a place in their heart for someone beautiful; so Magezi makes the decision that only a man in love will do. He confesses his sins, wins forgiveness and favour, and above all, gains the heart and hand of a beautiful princess in an ultimately blissful marriage.