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Fanta Joalane E. Jabbie

A Tale of A Venda Princess

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A Tale of A Venda Princess tells the story of a young royal couple who are entangled in a proverbial Romeo and Juliet scenario. Princess Tshifhiwa and Prince Prince Nthanduleni come from two warring families. While reconciling the two families seems to hold the key and a golden path across a bridge of conflict, a jealousy streak from one of the wives from Princeess Tshifhiwa’s side presents a hidden, yet present danger.

One of King Madzuvhani’s envious wives is using guile and evil magic - involving drugging and then cutting off the unsuspecting Princess’ hair – to make Prince Nthanduleni’s heart to focus only on a different woman. But, the king becomes a guardian angel of sorts and all that is destined to be well becomes well; and, predictably, love reigns and good reigns over evil, to ensure that a happy ever after ending occurs.